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Terms & Conditions





ALLIGA MEDIA reserves the right to modify these Website terms and conditions at any time. The modified Terms and Conditions shall apply from the moment at which they are published. By continuing to access or utilize our Website after the revised Terms and Conditions are published, it shall be understood that you agree to such changes. We recommend that you review the applicable terms and conditions regularly.
At any time and without notice, ALLIGA MEDIA reserves the right to remove elements of, change or update this Website and contents related to products, prices, services, etc. ALLIGA MEDIA reserves the right to limit, refuse or interrupt a user’s access to part or all of the Website or any part thereof at any time, without notice, with immediate effect, at our exclusive discretion and for any reason whatsoever. ALLIGA MEDIA assumes no responsibility whatsoever for the contents of any third-party website which may be linked to this Website by means of a hypertext link, irrespective of whether or not said connection is supplied by the Website or by a third party as per the Terms and Conditions. The presence of links to other websites on this Website does not represent an approval, judgment or guarantee of the precision, timeliness or suitability of the contents of said sites, and ALLIGA MEDIA assumes no responsibility whatsoever for their contents.





ALLIGA MEDIA acts with the utmost possible diligence in selecting and updating the contents of this Website. In any case, the Company will not be held responsible under any circumstances if the information contained therein proves incomplete or fragmentary or contains errors of any nature whatsoever. Furthermore, ALLIGA MEDIA will not be held responsible under any circumstances for any damages which may affect Users and their property after accessing the Website, for the inability to access the Website or for any materials downloaded from the Website (where permitted), including damage to the User’s software or hardware caused by viruses.





The Website may contain references to specific ALLIGA MEDIA products and services which may not be available in all countries. Said references do not imply or guarantee that such products and services will be available at all times in a given country.





The website www.alliga-media.fr (referred to herein as the “Website”) is the exclusive property of ALLIGA MEDIA.
Trademarks of ALLIGA MEDIA products and/or any other ALLIGA MEDIA Group companies included in the pages of this Website (including their logos) as well as any other distinctive names, symbols and slogans related thereto are the exclusive property of ALLIGA MEDIA and/or other ALLIGA MEDIA Group companies.
The use or reproduction of said contents for any purpose or by any means whatsoever is strictly and explicitly forbidden.
The web pages which comprise this Website and the contents thereof (including but not limited to text, images, graphics and sounds) are protected by copyrights held by ALLIGA MEDIA, and any reproduction, duplication, publication or transmission thereof, in whole or in part and in any format or modality, is forbidden. Copies of the Website or its component parts may not be sold or distributed for commercial purposes. Materials contained on this site may only be legally downloaded where explicitly authorized by means of authorization to this effect on the relevant web page. Authorization to utilize downloaded materials is granted exclusively for personal uses and shall in no case apply to commercial uses. Any other types of use are strictly forbidden.
None of the contents of this Site may be interpreted as explicitly or implicitly granting third parties the right to use the ALLIGA MEDIA and/or ALLIGA MEDIA Group company trademarks, texts, images, graphics, sounds and any other copyrighted elements referred to in the preceding paragraphs.





This website and the websites linked to herein have been carefully examined by ALLIGA MEDIA. That notwithstanding, ALLIGA MEDIA is responsible solely and exclusively for the contents of its own websites and will not be held responsible for the contents of third-party sites linked to herein, insomuch as the Company does not influence the contents of such sites in any way.