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Elvis DAM

Elvis DAM

HTML-5 makes possible to replace the Client software with a Web Browser to run the DAM or News applications. As a result the “System Administration” task becomes “Server Administration” and the interaction with the DAM is via a Web browser on a PC or Tablet such as the Apple iPad, or even a Smart Phone. This breakthrough applies to “traditional” Web environments, and importantly it enables Cloud Production. Consider a journalist shooting an interview in a remote location: the high quality video clip can be sent to the Newsroom by IP Satellite, email attachment or as a file transfer over the Internet or Cloud. The journalist can connect to the Newsroom Rundown using a simple Apple iPad or standard Laptop, write the story, edit it with or without voice-over and finally send the few bytes of a frame accurate EDL to the station along with small audio dub file and graphics.
Woodwing has developed DAM with a single integrated and modular application offering DAM; Newsroom; Workflow and Metadata Management; Content Processing; Archiving and Delivery based on a unique blend of new technology and our unique experience in delivering and supporting high value solutions for the worlds most demanding customers.

Caratteristiche Principali

  • Interfaccia semplice e intuitiva.
  • Centralizzazione dei contenuti.
  • Rapidità nelle ricerche.
  • Ottimizzazione di attività ripetitive e ridondanti.
  • Riduzione degli errori da parte dell’utilizzatore.
  • Possibilità di pubblicazione multicanale dei contenuti.
  • Workflow efficace basato su Adobe InDesign e InCopy.
  • Sicurezza dei dati: solo chi è autorizzato accede a informazioni sensibili.
  • Possibilità di integrazione con Adobe DPS.
  • Possibilità di integrazione con Elvis DAM.
  • Possibilità di integrazione con sistemi editoriali di terze parti.

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